Where is Cork Board Games today?

So it’s been a few months since my last post. A lot has happened, and at the same time not much has happened. So let’s check where CBG stands today and what my plans are going forward. The last few months January came with the submission for the Cardboard Edison Award. I submitted Compact Carnival …

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Updates on Compact Carnival

A month ago, I went up to Grand Rapids, MI for the very first UnPub Midwest. I had a table for the full event, a total of 14 hours of play testing. Turnout was nice, could have used a few more people off the street, but when it got slow, we just played each others …

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One year of Cork Board Games

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I got an email that said this domain was up for renewal. Reminded me that last November I bought this domain and began the site. At the time, I had no idea what a year it would be and all the things I would do related to this little project. At …

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Come play Astroventure at UnPub 7

On March 17 and 18 I’ll be demoing Astroventure at UnPub 7 in Baltimore and looking for feedback on the game. I’d love to have you come try out Astroventure during the event. The event is free for playtesters. So if you’re in the Baltimore area and have a free afternoon, come play some games …

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Start of something new

I’ve never run a business before. I’m not even entirely sure that’s what this is. But I’m starting to design board games. I’ve got a good one in the works right now as it is. So I figured, now is the time to start doing something with it.

Welcome to Cork Board Games.

This is the official home for my game design and development discussions. Currently, I only have one game to talk about, and that’s Astroventure. You can learn more by clicking the link in the menu bar. It’s a game about running your own space company, accepting contracts, building and launching rockets, and exploring space in order to earn the reputation needed to win the big bid from NASA. I started design on it in February of 2016, and have been working on it throughout the year. I’m getting to the point now where I’m beginning to show it off to people.

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