Compact Carnival

Compact Carnival is a puzzle style card laying game where 2-4 players are building out an amusement park. Each turn players choose one attraction from their hand of three cards and play them adjacent to a card already on the table. Each type of attraction scores in a particular way based on it’s placement to attractions around it. Some even give you bonuses depending on whether you’re next to your own or another players card. Each player also have some ability cards which allows you to remove, swap, and double the value of cards on the table.

General Info:

2-4 players

15-20 minutes to play

Mechanics: hand management, tile laying, take that

This game has been in development since summer of 2017 and while it’s still a fresh design, I think it has a lot of promise with the direction it’s going. You can read more about the origins of the design and the direction I hope for it to take by reading this overview post.