I’ve never run a business before. I’m not even entirely sure that’s what this is. But I’m starting to design board games. I’ve got a good one in the works right now as it is. So I figured, now is the time to start doing something with it.

Welcome to Cork Board Games.

This is the official home for my game design and development discussions. Currently, I only have one game to talk about, and that’s Astroventure. You can learn more by clicking the link in the menu bar. It’s a game about running your own space company, accepting contracts, building and launching rockets, and exploring space in order to earn the reputation needed to win the big bid from NASA. I started design on it in February of 2016, and have been working on it throughout the year. I’m getting to the point now where I’m beginning to show it off to people.

Which reminds me, without much notice I’ll be at the Rook OTR in Cincinnati, OH on Wednesday night this week showing the game off and getting feedback. I’ll also be taking it a few other places over the next year, so check the Events button in the menu to see those.

This is all new to me. I used to run a blog back in the day, but ever since I stopped that one I haven’t been good at keeping one going. Maybe this time, because there’s a point to it, I’ll have the words to share what’s going on. Stay tuned here for updates on Astroventure, as well as other games I’m working on in the coming months and years.

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