So November was not a great month for playing games. Didn’t get a lot done and had we not gone to see family for Thanksgiving I’m not entirely sure we’d have more than 10 plays this month.

I have to say, I enjoyed everything I played this month. Probably because they’re all games I own so I’m more likely to enjoy them. That said, the real standout for me this month was Jungle Speed. I haven’t had the chance to play it with more than 2. I knew I would likely enjoy it, and I found a new copy at Half Price Books for $6 so I grabbed it. We played it at Thanksgiving with 5 people and it was a lot of fun with minimal injuries. It’s likely going to be in the family box for awhile for holidays and such.

I also took the time for some solo gaming this month. I bought the Orleans: Invasion expansion this month and the play from that was a solo game in the Prosperity scenario. The Networks was also played solo for the first time. Both of these games I started off convinced there was no way I could win. But about halfway I felt the engine going and I had found a way to really make it work. I won both of them by the end by a decent margin. It makes me excited for solo gaming again.

Things to do in December, play Tuscany. We preordered a copy of Tuscany and got that last month but haven’t had the chance to play it. I really enjoy Viticulture, and so I want to play Tuscany this month and dive into that. I’m really happy with the Essential Edition and I’m glad I waited to buy into it when I did. I also have the unofficial goal to play more games in each month than I did that month a year ago. December had 14 plays last year, which is easily beatable. We’re going to be trying the 17×17 challenge, where we play 17 games, 17 times in 2017. My goal is to find those 17 games over the course of December so I know what to look forward to next year.