This month was a bit of a catch all. Once again didn’t get too many plays in, but more than last month and more than last December too. I blame this largely on finishing up Pokemon Moon and working to complete all the stuff in that. Some highlights this month was getting to play Imperial Assault again. My coworkers were coming over to play a campaign earlier in the year, and when summer hit we dropped the ball on finishing it up. Because we were all off work on the 26th, we got together for two more missions (both of which I lost as the Imperial player). Still it was good to get the group together again.

Blend Off was a Kickstarter game that arrived this month. (See my initial thoughts on that here.) Dark Seas and Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small were collection assessments. We played both and agreed to cull them from of our collection. Imhotep was borrowed from the library. We tried it with the B sides of the each location. I enjoyed it more this way, but still don’t think I need to own it. Colt Express was picked up at Half Price Books and it was enjoyable, though I imagine it will be more fun if you have more than 2 players. Carcassonne was played with some new expansions I got for Christmas, which fills the Broken Token insert we have inside pretty much as full as it can be.

Things to do in January. Get back into playtesting. I’ll be showing off Astroventure in January at an UnPub Mini and I need to get a few more things evaluated and tweaked before I go. We also begin our 17×17 challenge in January, some of the games from this month are on our list for that. I would like to hopefully dive in and get a good start on that in January if possible. I also hope to get my coworkers back to continue the Imperial Assault campaign. We’re getting close to finishing it so I’d like to do that if we can. A side goal from that is to get back into painting the minis from it. I started them, but never got past the Imperial units. I’d like to hopefully get the characters they’re playing with done before we finish the campaign.