Next Saturday the 21st, I’ll be at Bethany College in Bethany, WV to demo and test Astroventure. I’ll be there from 10 am until 5 pm along with a few other designers hoping to test their games as well. There’s also over $1,000 worth of door prizes available for those that test games and give feedback.

For those of you unaware, Astroventure is a game for 1-4 players where you are running a budding spacefaring company. You’re looking to go public at the end of the month, and need to earn the most reputation in order to have the best stock offering at that time. The game is played over 30 rounds, where players will explore planets, launch rockets, complete contracts, and research improvements to their company. After the 30th round is complete, the game ends and whoever has the most reputation wins the game. To learn more about Astroventure, visit this page.

This is my first big public test, and I’m really looking forward to what everyone has to say. Testing so far has been positive and the game has been increasingly sculpted and shaped since it first hit the table. I’m reaching the point where there’s not as many changes to make, but I still want to get feedback on what could be improved and emphasized. Any one who tests the game will be added to the play tester section on the website, as well as in the rule book as a thank you. I’d also like to develop some kind of thank you to send out to testers down the road if you’re interested.

Aspects that I’d like feedback on from this event are:

  • How the events feel
  • Adjustments to player boards
  • Balancing of numbers on contracts
  • Ideas for speeding up the game

If you’re interested in playing a new game before it’s published and helping to shape the direction the game takes toward publication, come down to the event and give Astroventure a try. Also feel free to leave a comment on this post, or contact me through Facebook or Twitter if you’ve got any questions leading up to the event.