This was a strange month. Most of the second half of January was spent working on Astroventure and doing a lot of work to get it sent to the Game Crafter, and getting it ready to submit to the Cardboard Edison Award contest. So the second half didn’t have much going on play wise. But the first half was off to a great start.

I got some friends together for a night of Two Rooms and a Boom and we got a few good games in of that. The highlight for me was one game that I started as the Decoy, switched to the Hot Potato, then became the Target, then switched to the Hot Potato again, then finally to the Sniper, then correctly won as the Sniper. That was the highlight of my whole experience with Two Rooms so far. I also backed Necroboomicon on Kickstarter now that it’s up. Not a huge fan of Chtulhu, but for $5, I’d gladly add more cards that make fewer player counts work better since I’ve only had over 11 players once for the game.

I also picked up Captain Sonar the day we played Two Rooms because I thought it might be nice to have as the night went on. We didn’t end up playing it then, but I did do a 2 player turn based game to learn how it works. I like it a lot and look forward to getting the chance to play some higher count games of it.

Fidelitas was a game I knew about for a while but never got around to playing. My friend came for a visit and brought it with him. I enjoyed it a lot and then ended up winning a copy a week later at the UnPub Mini where I was testing Astroventure. We also played Valeria Card Kingdoms with him while he was here and I always forget how much I like that game.

As for games I didn’t enjoy as much this month there were a couple. Last Will is a game I love the theme of and I enjoy playing it, but at the end of the game I’m just not sure how much I love it in order to keep it. It’s not a bad game at all, but I’m never quite in the mood to just grab it off the shelf. I’ll have to try it again with a few more players and see what I think then. I also played Mystic Vale for our 17×17 challenge, and I just did not enjoy it. I could not get any combos going and never felt like I had enough mana to do anything. This really put a low note on my feelings for the game. I’m not giving up on it yet, but this might be the first of the 3 potential swaps on the 17×17 list. Maybe I’ll sub in Valeria or Concordia which I generally enjoy a lot more at the moment.

Goals for this month include getting back on track with our 17×17 challenge. We are 7 games into it, and about 17 off the pace. This is because of all the work I had to put into Astroventure the last two weeks and Rachael got sick for a while and didn’t have the mental energy to play many games. I also want to play some more RPGs. At the library I work at, I’m releasing a collection of about 12 or so systems that I think will be really great additions to our board game collection. I want to try a few of those myself that look to be a lot of fun. Mars Colony and Microscope in particular look to me good ones to start with.

17×17 update:

Agricola – 1
Duke – 1
Hive – 1
Mystic Vale – 1
Orleans – 1
Race for the Galaxy – 1