Last month I entered my game Astroventure into the Cardboard Edison Award contest. In order to submit to it, I had to create a video explaining the game in five minutes or less. The result is the video below. For future reference, it’s also found in a tab on the Astroventure page as well. It doesn’t cover all aspects of the game or go into full detail with what is covered, but this gives you a good overview of the game.

It’s my first attempt at explaining it quickly and simply, and also my first time using PowerPoint to create a video. A learning experience all around. Take a look and please give any feedback you can. Did you enjoy the video, is something unclear or confusing, or do you want me to elaborate on anything? I’m going to essentially make a second version of this that explains the game in greater detail, and want to know your thoughts. You can either leave a comment here, on the YouTube video page, or on Facebook or Twitter.