So for anyone who has read since the end of last year, Rachael and I started doing a 17×17 challenge this year. We were going to play 17 of our games 17 times. It was going to be a big undertaking, but it was designed to curb my need to buy new games by playing the ones I already have.

Then after both getting sick in January, we only played 7 games from our list, which put us about 14 or so off the pace for getting through the challenge for the year. Not that we couldn’t make up time, but we realized that the challenge wasn’t making sense to us. We have a lot of games that aren’t getting played because we need to play these 17 games. Then the guilt of wanting to play something else not on the list was getting to me.

So we switched it up. We changed around to do what we’re calling a 17/12 challenge. We now need to play 17 different games each month. They could be the same 17 games each month if we wanted to, but each month, we need to play at least 17 different titles. This will hopefully force us to go through our collection and play all of what we have, not just a select few of the list.

In addition, extra plays of a game don’t count toward the challenge. So if we sit down and play 5 rounds of Love Letter, it only counts that we played Love Letter. We also can play more than 17 games each month, just that the minimum we are aiming to hit is 17.

I’m not going to do as many dedicated updates to this as I was planning with the 17×17. Check for updates in the monthly play report, or visit the GeekList for it, complete with monthly holiday themed board games, on BGG.

In February, the games we played for the challenge were:

Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries, Mystic Vale, Castles of Burgundy, Race for the Galaxy, Fidelitas, Onitama, 7 Wonders Duel, Bananagrams, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Cosmic Kaboom, X-Wing Miniatures, Castles of Burgundy: Card Game, Mint Works, Love Letter, One Deck Dungeon, Champions of Midgard, and Fields of Arle.

We played more than that, and some of them have been played more than once. I really enjoy this challenge more, becuase it rewards me for not just sticking to the same games all the time, but encourages me to play through our collection. Paired with our revised culling policy, then it’s leading to our collection feeling fresher.