This was the month of trades. I sent out a lot of games and got a few back in return. These gave me Castles of Burgundy: the Card Game, Gloom, One Deck Dungeon, and some others I didn’t get to play yet. So far I’m happy with all the trades I’ve had. One Deck Dungeon is possibly the one I’m least happy with, but I need to really sit down and read the rules again before I start playing to make sure I’ve got it.

In my interest to play a Feast for Odin, I pulled out Fields of Arle again. I really enjoy that game still. I haven’t solved an optimum route to take yet, so I feel like I can hold off on getting Feast for Odin for a while longer. Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries is proving to be my favorite version of the game. With 2 players it’s incredibly cutthroat on placement and makes the game pretty tense. I think this will be the version I play at home the most for the foreseeable future.

Mint Works and Cosmic Kaboom are Kickstarter games that arrived deliveries. I’m interested to play Cosmic Kaboom more and to try it with Blend Off. I’ll probably do that here soon and have a post about how they work together. Mint Works is a really light but clever game that now has a permanent residence in my backpack in case I need to show someone a game.

Timeline is going away. It wasn’t as fun as we remember. We played Cardline: Animals too and that was much more fun and enjoyable. That opens up some space in our bookshelf now for a few of these trades.

We pulled Coup out because we hadn’t played it in a year so we needed to play it for evaluation. We determined that it’s a good game we want to keep, but we both never want to play it with just two players again. It doesn’t work very well even though there is a variant for it.

Bananagrams is alright. It was a more fun version of Scrabble. I’m not great with word games but I did win it. I’d consider playing it again, but I don’t need to own it.

Looking forward to March:

This month I need to get back into design with Astroventure. UnPub is coming up in a few weeks and I need to be ready for it. There have been some recent structure changes that need to be tested a few more times before the event, but I think they’re really worthwhile. I have another game idea I want to take along with me that I need to prep some basic components for just to have something to show off and get feedback.

I also want to play more games in March. We played 31 games in February which was a recent high for us. We haven’t played that much since December 2014. I want to keep that streak going. I’ll be visiting a game playing friend a couple of times this month, so hopefully that will help out with the player count. The Raiders of the North Sea expansions are up on Kickstarter, which has me thinking about getting the whole Rune Sea saga. It’s expensive, but I really enjoy those games and want to give it a shot.