On March 17 and 18 I’ll be demoing Astroventure at UnPub 7 in Baltimore and looking for feedback on the game. I’d love to have you come try out Astroventure during the event. The event is free for playtesters. So if you’re in the Baltimore area and have a free afternoon, come play some games and provide some feedback. The more feedback you give, the better your chances are of winning a prize during each raffle. I’ll also be giving freeze dried ice cream to the winners of each game, and maybe 2nd place too depending on how the event goes. I also will have another early prototype of another game that is still in secret design stages that I’d be interested in seeing reactions to.

The map at the top of this post is of the convention layout. I’ll be located at table L2. It’s the one circled in blue with the logo beside it. I won’t be on the table all day, I’m only there half the time since I’m sharing it with Chris Kirkman of Dice Hate Me Games. The hours I will be there are Saturday, March 17 from 3-7 pm and Sunday, March 18 from 10 am-2 pm. If you’re at the show, I’d love you to see it. Even if you don’t sit down to play, feel free to stop by, hang around, get a feel for the game, and let me know what you think.

For those of you that don’t know what Astroventure is, feel free to check out the Astroventure page in the menu bar above. Here’s a little info on the basic premise game:

In Astroventure, you’ll be running their own space faring company. Each of these companies plan to go public, and they each want to have the best stock offering when they do. The game is played simultaneously with all players selecting and executing actions, managing their rockets, and researching improvements over the course of the game. Once the stack of available contracts is depleted, the game ends and the player with the most reputation wins the game.

You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook for updates. Feel free to contact me in either of those places if you have questions.