March was full of game playing for the first half of the month until UnPub. The second half was filled with work, interviews, and conferences so not much game playing happened the second half. But this month did have some highlights.

Due to the Raiders of the North Sea expansion Kickstarter I picked up the rest of the Runesaga games I didn’t own. We played through that once and then played Shipwrights and Explorers another time as well. I love those games. Raiders is still my favorite, but the other two are a lot of fun as well. I took the time to share my thoughts on the trilogy, and you can find the reviews for Shipwrights, Raiders, and Explorers at each of those links.

Other good games were the Last Garden. I played this at UnPub and then backed it on Kickstarter once I got home. It’s a neat game that by itself seems to be pretty decent. But what really stands out to me are the Hack Pack stretch goals that inspire game design by giving you extra components and the freedom to do what you want with them. That’s what got me to back the game.

I also finally got Cable Car. This has been on my radar for a couple of years now thanks to TheOneTAR’s review. I like Tsuro, but this looked just like an extra step in the right direction. We only played the basic version without stocks, but I already enjoyed it. This has been a white whale for me, and I’m glad to finally have it.

Speaking of whales, I got New Bedford from my friend Matt at UnPub and it’s a great game. I have yet to play with the expansion, and we messed up the rules when it came to whaling, but I still really enjoy the game. It’s really quick paced and moves along in a way that rewards you for playing, but also pressures you to keep moving and be efficient. Exactly what I want in a worker placement game.

As for lesser experiences, this month I got Jump Drive. I’ve played it twice and I enjoy it, but I’m not sure how much I enjoy it. I’m happy to have it for travelling and leaving in my Quiver instead of taking all of Race. Still, not sure exactly how I much I look forward to playing it on any given day.

A turn of surprise kind of is that this month we played Orleans and for once I didn’t really enjoy it. We did play the coop Invasion scenario which might explain it. It was rough, and we didn’t take it easy on ourselves with using the rougher events and some hard roles. We got about halfway and I could tell there was no way we could manage a win. I don’t like coop games 99% of the time, so that might be why I didn’t enjoy it. I was hoping that Orleans could be the game that makes me enjoy coops more, but it doesn’t look that way.

I also played For Sale this month, and I didn’t enjoy it. I don’t really like auction games, and this one felt like I was constantly restricted from being able to do anything with a bit too much luck along the way. I’ll pass on this one in the future. Neat game, but not for me.

Goals for April

Get a good solid update to Astroventure going and get that tested.

Play some games I haven’t played before this year.

Get some Ashes plays in. We built decks months ago and never did anything with them.

Try and solo game some more. Got some new soloable games I’d like to give a try to.