Updates from March Goals:

After taking a couple weeks off from design work, Astroventure got a bit of a redesign and the tests are going well. To see more about the updates to the game, you can see this post and this post. I didn’t get around to playing either Ashes or any solo games, though I did set several on the table over the course of the month without opening the boxes. I’ll be moving these to this month’s goals.


Yokohama arrived from our Kickstarter backing and I love it. One of my new favorite games. Might have edged its way into my top 10, but I’m not sure yet. The pieces are really nice in the deluxe version and I’m super happy to have backed it. I see myself playing this for a long time to come. I picked up Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft for the library, and played a game of it before sneding it out to the collection. I really like this game. It’s fun, but I just can’t decide how much I want to own it. Maybe one of these days I’ll pick it up. Or maybe not.

On the chopping block this month was Puerto Rico. It hadn’t been played in over a year, so it was time to play and see if we still want it, and we do. I forget how much I like this game. It’s in the stay pile and I expect to play it again soon.


This month didn’t actually have that many real disappointments. I played Pandemic with the Virulent Strain from On the Brink. I enjoyed it more. It was a higher difficulty, but I still don’t like coop games, so I wasn’t super thrilled. Likewise, Bottom of the 9th is a fun game and I enjoyed playing it, but I just got really bad dice rolls and Rachael got fantastic ones and I lost really quickly. That put a damper on the game playing, but it was still a good game.

May Goals:

Like I said, I want to play Ashes and solo games again this month. I think my problem with Ashes is the deck building. I’m not sure we’re there yet. Might just revert everything to the default decks so we can just grab one and go and not think too much about it until we get playing it again more. Solo wise, I want to bust out Orleans for the next two solo scenarios I haven’t tried and the Gallerist as well.

Origins is right around the corner, so I need to begin planning stuff for that. I’ll be in the math trade and maybe selling games out right through the flea market. But that requires me to know what games I need to get rid of, so I’ll be playing things to evaluate their staying power.

Lastly, this month was good at getting through some of the unplayed games we have and I need to continue to tackle the backlog. On paper, any game not played in the last year goes away. In practice, that doesn’t happen. I need to get better at playing the old games and deciding if I really want to keep them or not.

Side note:

As stated before, I’ll be at Origins, most of the time it’s open if not all of it. I’ll have Astroventure on me at all times, so if you want to give it a shot, send me an email, or message me on Twitter or Facebook to set up a time. I’m happy to show it off and get more feedback, especially after all the radical changes that have happened lately.