Animal Revival Collective

In Animal Revival Collective (or A.R.C. for short) players are scientists in the future trying to revive the animals of today that have gone extinct by rearranging a DNA sequence to match the trait characteristics of the animals. This is still new technology, so there’s a race to see who can be the first to revive the most.

The game is for two players and they will each have their own set of 8 cards forming one sequence of DNA, and one card representing an extinct animal. At the same time, they will begin to swap, flip, and rearrange the cards in the sequence to match the two traits on their animal card. Once they have matched both traits, they call out “Match!” and play pauses while the other player checks if they’re right. If not, they both keep going. If they did match, they flip that card onto the right side of the sequence and flip the left most card face up to become the next animal to revive.

The first player to successfully revive three different animals, wins the game.

Solo rules are also available. The game is being evaluated for up to 4 players, but remains only up to 2 at this time.


1-2 players

5 minutes

Real time, Pattern recognition