Build and launch rockets, explore planets, and complete contracts. All in a day’s work for these budding space faring companies.

Selected components for Astroventure (v 0.8).

In Astroventure, you’ll be running your own space faring company planning to go public, and you’ll want to have the best stock offering when you do. To reach that goal, you’ll need the highest reputation of all the companies.

Each round, all players will secretly choose one of their action cards to play. Once selected, they are all revealed and executed. If you are the only player to choose that action, you gain an Advantage and get a boost to that action.

As you explore planets and complete contracts you’ll gain resources and reputation.

Players also have a power at the start of the game that grants them a unique privilege throughout the game.

Once the stack of available contracts is depleted, the game ends and the player with the most reputation wins the game.

The game also includes a solo variant where you can face off against the Autonaut to prove that humans are still vital to spaceflight.

General info

Players: 1-4

Time: 45-60 minutes

Mechanics: card drafting, simultaneous action selection, variable player powers


  • 4 player boards
  • 8 resource tracking cubes (4 of each color)
  • 16 power cards
  • 35 contract cards
  • 12 rocket cards
  • 18 planet cards
  • 42 rocket upgrade cards
  • 20 action cards
  • 16 rocket pawns
  • 20 claim markers
  • 8 refuel tokens
  • 1 action die
  • 20 reputation cubes
  • 1 set of instructions
  • 1 Autonaut player board
  • 21 Autonaut action cards
  • 1 reputation token

Play Testers

Much thanks to my various play testers. Astroventure wouldn’t be what it is without you.

Mike Addison, Christopher Badell, Andrew Bannister, Justin Brown, Gary Chavez, Donna Davis, Bob Eckert, Kristy Eckert, Jesse and Tess Elliott, Steve Fournier, Rachael Freeman, Jared Greenberg, Chris Harvey, Drew Hicks, Bryan Lardizabal, Kyle and Micah Lewis, Adam Maust, Colin Moses, Ori Perl, John Prather, Megan Shoemaker, Cody Silva, Chase Van Epps, Ivan Vasquez, Isaac Vega, Carolyn Walsh, Eric Webb, Eric Weiss, Amy and Geoff Winningham, Matt Wolfe, and Vincent Wu

Overview Video

The game is still in active development with some changes to design from time to time. Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Facebook to stay in touch with updates as the development continues. Also, please check out the events on the right side of the page. It has any upcoming events I’ll be taking Astroventure too so you can give it a shot for yourself.