Welcome Back

It’s been well over a year since my last post here. Where does Cork Board Games sit as of the end of October 2019? Let me catch you up. ARC (Animal Revival Collective): This was the game I created for the GenCan’t contest last year. I didn’t win. I did hear I made it to… Continue reading Welcome Back

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17/12 Challenge Update (Revising the 17×17 challenge)

So for anyone who has read since the end of last year, Rachael and I started doing a 17×17 challenge this year. We were going to play 17 of our games 17 times. It was going to be a big undertaking, but it was designed to curb my need to buy new games by playing… Continue reading 17/12 Challenge Update (Revising the 17×17 challenge)

Reflections on my first designer night

Last night I drove 2 and a half hours to Cincinnati after work to participate in the monthly designer night at the Rook OTR. It’s a great looking board game parlor, and once a month, game designers fill the upstairs room and play test each others games and give feedback. I was bringing Astroventure¬†along. I… Continue reading Reflections on my first designer night

Start of something new

I’ve never run a business before. I’m not even entirely sure that’s what this is. But I’m starting to design board games. I’ve got a good one in the works right now as it is. So I figured, now is the time to start doing something with it. Welcome to Cork Board Games. This is… Continue reading Start of something new