Welcome to Cork Board Games!

I’m Kellen. I’m from Ohio, and I’ve been designing board games for a couple of years now. But recently I began working on a few designs that show some real promise. As a way to keep everyone updated on the progress I’m making outside of my personal Twitter account, I decided to make this site.

What is Cork Board Games?

It’s a space to track and share the information on the board game designs I’m working on in one simple location. It’s not a publishing company. That’s not really the goal right now. Maybe it will be one day, but for now, this is just a place for me to essentially stick up the ideas I have in a way that allows others to see them and stay in contact with me.

What other ways can I stay up to date?

In the top corner are the links to various social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. I haven’t done much with them yet since I’m still getting this all set up. But anytime I make an update here it’ll be posted there. I also might share some other info there outside of blog updates. For more information on me and for discussions sometimes outside of board games, you can follow me personally on Twitter.

What games have I designed?

Well I’ve designed a few, but the one that I have right now with the most promise is Astroventure. It’s a game where players are space faring companies looking to earn the most reputation they can. Whoever earns the most reputation by launching rockets, exploring planets, and completing contracts will win the game.

Additionally, a new design called Compact Carnival. It’s very early in design, but proving to be generally very solid and promising. I also have a couple of other ideas that are in very early stages and you can get a glimpse of those by checking out the upcoming projects page.

I have another question, how can I ask it?

You can contact me on social media (links in the top corner), or you can email me at corkboardgames at gmail.com