Ticket Town

[special_heading3 title_content= “TICKET TOWN” h_tag= “h3” title_color= “” sub_title1= “2-4 PLAYERS, 20 MINUTES” sub_title2= “Attempt to complete the most games and earn the most tickets.” top_caption_color= “#757575” bottom_caption_color= “#757575” top_caption_size= “” bottom_caption_size= “18” top_caption_font= “h6” bottom_caption_font= “special” top_caption_separator_color= “#efefef” bottom_caption_separator_color= “#efefef” hide_in= “” css_id= “” css_classes= “” animate= “1” animation_type= “none” animation_delay= “0” animation_duration= “300” padding= ‘{“d”:””}’ margin= ‘{“d”:””}’ border_style= ‘{“d”:”solid”,”l”:”solid”,”t”:”solid”,”m”:”solid”}’ border= ‘{“d”:””}’ border_color= “” border_radius= “” box_shadow= “0px 0px 0px 0px rgba(0,0,0,0)” key= “vt4rHpeAUk”][/special_heading3]

The carnival has come to town and the crown jewel are the midway games known as Ticket Town. All the local kids line up and try their best to earn as many tickets as they can. Because at the end of the week, whoever has the most will be named the Mayor of Ticket Town.

Ticket Town (formerly Dicey Drafting) plays over severalrounds where you roll a mix of personal and public dice, then attempt to complete carnival games for tickets using these dice. These tickets can then be cashed in at the prize booth, or used to help your chances at earning more tickets down the line.

The game include classic carnival games like Ring the Bell and Pop the Balloon. It’s up to clever probability and dice manipulation to turn a random roll of dice into a winning score and be crowned the Mayor of Ticket Town.


Inspired by a couple of pictures of Man Muss Auch Gonnen Konnen, I started to play around with an abstract game idea where you roll dice and place them on cards. Eventually you could score them for their full points or score them early for fewer points, but reclaim your dice sooner. Mechanically it was sound and a good puzzle. However with 60+ dice in a game I aimed at a $20 price tag, it wasn’t going to fly.

I toyed with a few various layouts and someone suggested a carnival theme which I pretty easily integrated. From there it went through a few iterations of cards and boards and then the roll and write it is today.

Currently I’m testing some ideas to convert it into a partial board, partial writing game to attempt to fit into the Small Furry Game’s small box challenge. The results are mixed at the moment, but the full roll and write version is pretty solid if I need to fall back to that.


  • Dice Rolling
  • Press Your Luck
  • Roll and Write


  • 4 player boards
  • 11 dice
  • 1 prize board
  • Chipboard token rizes (number yet to be determined)