Upcoming Projects

[special_heading3 title_content= “UPCOMING PROJECTS” h_tag= “h3” title_color= “” sub_title1= “” sub_title2= “Some ideas that have begun to form but nothing ready for the table yet.” top_caption_color= “#757575” bottom_caption_color= “#757575” top_caption_size= “” bottom_caption_size= “18” top_caption_font= “h6” bottom_caption_font= “special” top_caption_separator_color= “#efefef” bottom_caption_separator_color= “#efefef” hide_in= “” css_id= “” css_classes= “” animate= “1” animation_type= “none” animation_delay= “0” animation_duration= “300” padding= ‘{“d”:””}’ margin= ‘{“d”:””}’ border_style= ‘{“d”:”solid”,”l”:”solid”,”t”:”solid”,”m”:”solid”}’ border= ‘{“d”:””}’ border_color= “” border_radius= “” box_shadow= “0px 0px 0px 0px rgba(0,0,0,0)” key= “VIZHRcrvp”][/special_heading3]

This page details the games that are in initial design stages and aren’t to the point where they deserve their own pages on the site yet. Most of these designs are still just scraps of paper and unnecessarily large spread sheets. In addition, any of the titles here are working titles and shouldn’t be expected at this time to be final for each game.


In addition to Astroventure, I have a mini version of it called Miniventure. In the spirit of Eminent Domain: Microcosm, Miniventure is a two¬†player distillation of the essence of Astroventure. It’s been designed but only tested a couple of times. It’s showing some good promise, but the rules still need some work. The good news is, because it’s based off the larger version, it’s less coming up with new concepts and more adjusting how the game plays for a new setting. The bad news is, with Astroventure taking a big shift in how it’s played, the basis for Miniventure will be forced to change as well. This one is hitting the back burner until Astroventure is nailed down a bit more.

Abstract Elements

A small two player game that has players controlling three fighters who can control the elements of fire, water, air, and earth. The pawns are limited to one element at a time, and can swap with whatever element is off the table when it uses an ability. The goal is to eliminate the other teams fighters, or to place one of each element surrounding their capital. This was taken to UnPub Midwest and tested a few times. It’s got a good idea, but it’s still a bit rough.

Canterbury Tales

Canterbury Tales is a storytelling card game where players take the roles of those from Chaucer’s famous story. Given a role such as the Knight, the Cook, or the Nun, players will use a series of cards to tell a story. With a variety of play options, there is a lot to consider. I also want this to not just be a variant of Once Upon a Time and I’m looking for a way to make it really stand out. This one isn’t ready to be shared just yet.

Kangaroo Cleanup

This is a kids game where you’re travelling through the Australian outback when your train full of kangaroos gets loose. You’ll need to roll dice to collect kangaroos of different point values, while avoiding the snakes that hurt your score. This was an entry for the 2017 HABA game design contest.